Sneaker Mate Green Cleaner

Is a natural alternative to harsh cleaners. It cleans and revitalizes running shoes, canvas shoes and a wide variety of recreational footwear and is environment friendly.

Sneaker Mate™ Green Cleaner is, simply pure soap, but not just the “same old soap” you’re used to. It is a “low sudsing/foaming” formula but don’t let that fool you. Even without the suds, Sneaker Mate Green Cleaner™ is still cleaning more effectively than other products that create lots of foam.

The secret to Sneaker Mate™ Green Cleaner’s unmatched cleaning and degreasing performance is in the size and the action of its molecular structure. It has extremely small molecules called “colloidal micelles” that are so tiny and so active that they can penetrate much larger oil and grease molecules, and, acting like tiny jackhammers, actually break apart those molecules into biodegradable components.

Sneaker Mate™ Green Cleaner is one of the best de-odorizers because of its ability to denature organic chemicals. It’s great for those old sneakers that are usually kept in the garage due to their smell.

Each 8-oz bottle is sold with a 5 1/2” wooden shoe brush (extra) with medium bristles — VALUE PRICED at .

$14.99 taxes and shipping extra.

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